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The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators’ Association was formed in 1973 to provide members access to education and information. With 180+ members, the association is dedicated to improving their professional knowledge through an on-going exchange of information and ideas.



The development of closer professional relationships, exchanges, and understandings among those concerned with the care, operation, and maintenance of municipal buildings and grounds.



“Dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel, the health and safety of our public facilities through sharing knowledge and resources.”



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Municipalities in Massachusetts

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An influential group with close to 180+ members, the Association is dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel and our physical plants through knowledge and an on-going exchange of information and ideas.

Today, the buying power of MFFA Members is very impressive. Administrators manage budgets ranging from $500 k – $6.6 m, with an average annual budget of $3 million.

Representing 140 municipalities in Massachusetts, the MFAA is recognized both in and out of the state as an association that has professional credibility.

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President's Message

November 2018

Welcome to my first President’s Message.  Well, actually that’s not completely true.  I had a document 75% completed, I shut off my laptop and POOF! it was gone. And honestly it was a corker. So technically this is my second President’s Message.  I’ll try and remember how eloquently I had presented my thoughts the first time but no promises.  What I can promise is that I will do the best that I can for you, the members, of this fantastic organization during the next two years.

It’s been quite a ride since I became secretary over four years ago.  That position is now held by Mike Gormley of Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School.  The Executive Board is completed with our Vice President, Mike D’Angelo of Franklin and our Treasurer is Brian Lynch of Canton.  I’m honored to have these individuals as my Executive Board and look forward to the next two years working with them.  I am also honored and privileged to have a Board of Directors that includes our recent past president Alan Peterson of Hanover, Mike Gorman from Algonquin Regional High School, Dave (Super Dave) Siedentopf of Carver,  Edward (Fast Eddie) Cenedella of Wilbraham and Paul Anastasi (formerly of Newton) – Retired.  All of these board positions are voluntary and I am grateful these individuals stepped up to the task.  Thank you to all of them.  Rounding out the team that tries to keep this machine well-oiled is our Executive Director, Ken Wertz.  Over the past few years Ken has done an outstanding job in promoting our association to local, state and even national organizations.

Some of my ideas for the next two years are to continue to streamline our website to make it faster and more user friendly.  With this will come the ability make online registrations and payments for events and training sessions for members and sponsors.  I’d like to have a newsletter posted to notify members of planned and current events and topics.  Our website is now maintained by Avatar Computing of Worcester.  They are an outstanding group of techies, many of whom are veterans.   We now have a CPA firm, Weiss Accounting of Canton, that oversees our accounting and billing now that we are very close to being recognized as a 501 C (6) non-profit organization.  This will also allow us to apply for grants for training events and it will allow us to have transparency and organized record-keeping in our daily operations.

I want to try and focus more on local regions across the state rather than interstate and nationally.  I would like our Executive Director to continue his efforts to make us more recognized with local and state agencies.  We have already been recognized by MSBA, the Office of the Inspector General, MAPPO, MASBO.  I want to continue our efforts to be recognized as a viable resource for school districts by M.A.S.S. (Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents) and MASC (Massachusetts Association of School Committees). Only when we are accepted by the administrations as an important part of the process of maintaining school/town buildings and training for their employees will our members be able to get out of the “I’m so busy, I can’t get away” syndrome.  Case in point, through Ken’s efforts we now are very close to having a tuition program for MIIA members to have their dues paid.  All they have to do is go to meetings and the yearly conference.  This is a win/win for districts.

I urge everyone to take a spin around the new website.  Give us feedback as it is a work in progress.  And please, think about becoming more involved in the MFAA.  You will find it rewarding I’m sure.

Thank you all,

Wayne Miller, MFAA President

The MFAA is a community of more than 140 facility directors that provide services for municipal and public K-12 schools in Massachusetts. Our organization has been providing support, networking, and professional development opportunities to members and is now entering its 45th year. Through the sharing of knowledge and resources, we can better serve our communities. The results can – and should be – measured by the performance of both our staff and the facilities we operate. Our members take great pride in providing a safe, healthy, and sustainable learning environment for the staff, students and community members who use the buildings that we maintain.

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